Sam & Winifred Vent Family

Sam was the oldest son and second child of Magdalena Indrutz and Joseph (Vintu) Vent..

He married Winifred Cecilia Whaley on June 27, 1953.  They had 5 children - Kathleen (Kathy), Amelia (Amy) , Daniel (Dan), Anthony (Tony), Debra (Debbie).  They had 7 grandchildren and currently (2021) there are 6 great grandchildren.


Amy Vent Roome Graham

Husband - Parker Graham

Liberty Hill, TX

Carah Daly Havens

Husband - Cameron Havens

Kokomo, IN

Norah Havens - Daughter

Asher Havens - Son

Cameron Daly 

Wife - Tory Daly

Phoenix, AZ

Samantha (Sam) Roome Skorcz

Husband - Alex Skorcz

Leander, TX

Carson Skorcz

Eli Skorcz

Kathy Vent Daly Coyle (DOB 6/10/1956)

Husband - Patrick Coyle

(not pictured) Columbus, South Carolina

Cameron Daly - Son

Carah Daly Havens - Daughter

Dan Vent 

Wife - Theresa Kinney Vent

Kokomo, IN

Jake Vent


Tony Vent 

Wife - Rebecca Vent

Kokomo, IN

Katherine (Katie) Winifred Vent

Nolan Vent 

Wife - Samantha Vent

Kokomo, IN

Samuel Vent

Nathan Vent 

Wife - Ashley Vent

Kokomo, IN

Emily Vent 

Kokomo, IN

Braydon Vent


Debbie Vent Cripe 

Husband - Bryan Cripe

Tampa, FL