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100 years ago, Florence and Magdalene Indrutz crossed the waters from Rumania and came to America.

For that we are blessed, we celebrate family!



The day was all we could have hoped for and there are so many people that are owed a thank you and our gratitude.

  • HUGE thank you to Marlene Vent for letting us hold the reunion at the farm!!

  • Lin & Jane Ortman for the tents and port-a-potties

  • Tina & Roger Ortman for taking family photos

  • Monica Gettinger for Romanian music, map of Romania and cornhole game

  • Paul Vent for a cornhole game and helping prepare the farm

  • Matt Vent for planning out the parking and parking vest and helping prepare the farm

  • Fr Ovidius Pacurar, a Romanian Orthodox priest serving in the Air Force Chaplain Corps at JBSA Lackland TX that provided a video for the website

  • Father Derek's friend for sound system

  • Annetta White for providing the wonderful cloth and information for the timeline table

  • All of the committee chairs for their work on the event.


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Memorial information 

!!!!!!COMING SOON!!!!!!

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COLOR the Rumanian Flag!!!

Click on the button below and download a copy of the Rumanian Flag. Color it! Decorate it! And bring it to the reunion, so we can hang then up!

It's not just for the children either!!!!!

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